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About Andrei Sivkov

About Andrei SIVKOV

Set Goals. Make A Plan.
Build Wealth.

“I’m here because it’s my hobby which brings me happiness and I’d like to convert it to business and invest time and money into development of people around me.”

After working in various industries such as Metallurgical, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Energy sector, Andrei had growing interest in understanding and practicing good personal finance techniques. On switching his interest to personal finance management, he later devised the 5-step method to start personal savings.

Andrei also coined the word “Hobbiness” as a combination of ‘hobby’, ‘happiness’ and ‘business’. By finding what made him happy, turning it into a hobby and later into business, it can be safely said that he is a self taught personal finance expert who understands what people want, need and should do to achieve complete financial independence.

When it comes to creating wealth and reaching high levels of success, there are only a few rules and principles that you need to consistently follow to get there.
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Are You Interested In Creating Extreme Wealth In Business & Personal?

Looking to work on your monthly savings and build your wealth gradually? Learn the 5 fundamental steps to financial independence with Andrei Sivkov.

From setting the goal, finding the motivation and having an action plan to defining your Hobbiness, Andrei can guide you through the best ways to ensure financial security for your future.

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